I  was the one who even thought you give me a thousand reasons not to.

I’m so in love with you but i’m getting used to the fact, I’m never going to be good enough.

“I smile all the time so that nobody knows how sad and lonely really i’m”.

“I smile all the time so nobody knows how sad & lonely really I’m”.

I get so jealous because i know how easily replaceable i am, I’m notingspecial.

I acted like it wasn’t a big deal, When really it was braking my heart.

For sale : One heart. Horrible condition will take anything for it. Please just cut it out of mt chest and end the suffering.

No one really cares until something dramatic happens.

I’m always the one who loves more. That’s my problem.

Their is noting more depressing than having it all and still feeling sad.

I wish i could ignore you like you ignore me.

The love you can’t have lasts the longest, Feels the strongest and hurts the most.

“The worst feeling is feeling unwanted by the person you want the most.”

I guess you will never remember what i will not forget.

Don’t tell me to stop crying if you don’t know how i feel inside.

I have not stopped loving you. I’m just disappointed you trued into everything you said you’d never be.